Have you decided to move on campus for university? Here are some of the key things that you can expect that are all VERY common for people to experience.


If you’re moving onto campus, chances are it is probably your first time moving out of home.  In the beginning, there may be a mix of emotions – excitement, nerves and probably a little bit of homesickness. This is completely normal! It is a common issue for students living away from home, especially for the first time. However, the busy social life associated with living on campus is sure to keep you distracted and busy, and with time you will feel like you have a second family.

A very sudden expansion of your social circle

At the beginning of each year, most residential colleges have a mini o-week. Everyone is always super friendly and happy to have a chat in these first few weeks so it is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to as many people as possible! Go to some events, say hi to the people in your hall and try and organise some plans with people you click well with. You are all in the same boat as each other, so no one is going to turn down an opportunity to make some new friends!

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With your new home away from your parents comes a lot of freedom. You can be yourself, go where you want whenever you want and are finally in control of your own life. Many daily tasks such as cleaning, maintenance etc. are usually taken care of by the university. This means you are left with A LOT of free time to relax and make the most of your uni experience!


Ok so you don’t get complete freedom with living on campus, which can kind of suck at times. There’s often rules about noise, alcohol, guests, your grades (don’t fall into the res trap of failing your semester 1 units!!) and what you can/can’t have in your room. Expect that there will be some small limits to what you are allowed to do in your building. However, these rules are nothing compared to the highs that come with living on res surrounded by a giant new family.


Reading about other peoples’ experiences is always reassuring when you are about to do something new. So, if you have lived on res, or know others who have, feel free to leave any other advice in a comment below!


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