One of the most popular features of our garments is the applique technique we use to put the school initials and class year on the design. Applique is a technique where we take another piece of material and sew it onto the garment to create a 3D effect. The materials we currently offer for applique are felt, satin look, leather-look and denim.

At the start of 2013 we noticed there was a trend to using a double keyline embroidery on the applique and now we are starting to see another trend emerge. We have had our first school request to have their school initials ‘hooked’ together instead of stacked. Below is an example using the Dalyellup College design. This first example shows our applique letters stacked on top of eachother:

This year the students came up with the idea of having the letter ‘C’ hook through the letter ‘D’. We thought it was a great idea and so we sent the below artwork to the factory to see if they could produce it:

This is what the finished design looked like in real life:

We were very happy with the end result and the students were too. We love when students come up with an idea and then we make it happen in real life. It is especially exciting when students come up with ideas that we have never thought of and then other schools see it and want to do the same thing also.

If you have a design idea for your Year 12 Jersey and you want to see if it is possible please do not hesitate to contact us on (02) 8188 7988 or and we will let you know if we can do it.