The team at Exodus are constantly looking for new and exciting improvements to offer schools for their Year 12 Hoodies, Jackets, Jumpers and Jerseys. Our latest improvement is to offer a photo printed lining. We are able to print any photo or design you want on the lining but we think a really great idea is to print your Year 12 Photo or your muck-up photo. Below is a test run we have done using the Year 12 Class of 2011 Muck-up photo from Bossley Park.

year 12 muck up photo printed on lining
In the above option we chose to print the photo on the back and side panels of the jacket but we have created 3 basic layouts to choose from. We can have the photo just on the back panel by itself or with the student’s names on either side. Alternatively, we can print the photo on the back and side panels as we did for Bossley Park but we recommend you follow our instructions for taking your photo as close as possible so as to avoid having anyone cut-out or too many double-ups.


If you would like to enquire about a Year 12 Hoodie or Jacket with our custom printed lining please don’t hesitate to contact us on