At Exodus Wear we work with Year Coordinators on a daily basis and we know the additional workload involved when students get into Year 11 and 12. Not only are there the Year 12 Jerseys to organise but there is also the formal, graduation, muck up day and the list goes on! Our team try to help make the Year 12 Jersey process as seamless as possible for teachers by offering the following services:

  • A free, no-obligation sample so you can see exactly what you are ordering
  • Simple price structure where all our features are included at a flat rate
  • Free shipping Australia-wide
  • Physical Sizing Kit provided for students to try on
  • Order Sheet Template which tallies up order and size breakdowns

We are excited to announce that we have added yet another fantastic service for teachers to our range. We have developed a whole series of voting card templates that Year Coordinators can download from our website in order to assist with conducting a vote for your Year 12 Jersey or Jackets.  Below is a current list of voting templates we have available but we will be uploading more as they are requested. Please click on the image and a PDF version will open in a new window.

VOTING CARD TEMPLATE: 2 Jacket Styles & Lining Options 

VOTING CARD TEMPLATE: 3 Jacket Designs & Lining Options

VOTING CARD TEMPLATE: 5 Jacket Designs & Lining Options

VOTING CARD TEMPLATE: Jacket vs. Jersey vs. Hooded Jacket


VOTING CARD TEMPLATE: Reversible Jacket Designs

If you would like a voting template made up for you please email or contact the Sales Executive looking after your region.