A couple of years ago Exodus Wear developed the concept of having custom lining in our jackets that you could print all the student’s names on. The response was so fantastic that we continued to work on more concepts for our lining and came up with the idea of printing a group photo of all the student’s. This works great for high schools and makes a great piece of memorabilia.

With dance schools and other groups we have found that they love the idea of the photo in the lining but it can be difficult to get the whole dance school together for a photo. We love challenging ourselves to constantly adapt to our customers wants and so we decided to start offering photo collages in our lining. That way the dance school can use a combination of photos to make sure that everyone appears at least once. All you have to do is submit the photos to us on USB or via Dropbox and we will make the collage for you.

Below are some examples of jackets we have produced with photo collage linings.

Caper School of Performing Arts





Circus Wow





Patrician Brothers Blacktown – Bring it On Team




If you would like any further information about Exodus Wear designing a custom garment for your school or group please contact us on (02) 8188 7988 or email enquiries@exoduswear.com.au