Over the weekend we had a photoshoot for some of our new products including our custom tracksuits and some new jackets. The photoshoot was held in Sydney CBD in a few locations including Martin Place and Angel Place. We picked both of these locations because there is no access for cars and they are a bit quieter. However we still had to have the photoshoot on a Sunday afternoon so it wasn’t too busy and so that we could get good lighting. We never have a photoshoot in the middle of the day because the light is too harsh and causes a lot of shadows.


Custom Windbreaker Jacket

Madeleine models our new Windbreaker jacket.

Madeleine and Chelsea are two of our models who we use a regular basis. They are both dancers and so it is always lots of fun working with them. There ends up being lots of leaping around!

Photoshoot Martin Place Sydney

Elyse capturing some footage for Snapchat

Exodus Wear has just launched it’s Snapchat account. You can check out our Snapchat story to see behind the scenes footage on our blog post about our first Snapchat Story.


Custom Dance Tracksuits

The archways along the front of No 1 Martin Place made the perfect frame to shoot our new tracksuits. We have a variety of materials available for our new tracksuits including lycra, jersey and polyester fleece. We have different price points for our tracksuits depending on what you are after. You can check out our Pricing here.

Sydney laneways tracksuits photoshoot

Sydney’s laneways made a great backdrop for our photoshoot

No 1 Martin Place Staircase

Chelsea models the Active Jacket

As well as new products we also photographed some new designs of existing products like the baseball jacket, active jacket and jersey. Our clients are always coming up with new and exciting designs so we want to be able to share those with you.

If you are interested in custom jackets or tracksuits please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 041 421 or email enquiries@exoduswear.com.au