Over the last couple of years we have noticed at Exodus Wear that teachers love the design and style of our jackets, however as they stay with the school for numerous years they want to be able to wear the jackets for more than one year.

At Exodus Wear we understand that the teacher would like to buy a jacket but some of the features they do not wish to have such as the graduating year number, the photo lining and names etc. So what we have done to be able to customize to their needs is we will now be able to make staff variations to the jackets at no additional charge!

Teachers now will be able to make variations to the jackets, such as plain lining, no graduation year or even a different colour material; all you need to do is make the note in the spreadsheet so when we start production they will not include these features on the teacher’s jackets.

This way Exodus Wear can insure the teachers will be able to wear their jackets for many years to come and remember all the students they have seen graduate!

If you would like to get custom teacher variation jacket, please do not hesitate to contact us on (02) 8188 7988 or email enquiries@exoduswear.com.au