Our most cherished memories we’ll remember from high school won’t be the ones where we aced that test in Maths, but when we couldn’t stop laughing to the point when our stomachs were hurting with our best friends. Your friends are what add meaning to your high school experience, and they’re the ones that make it the unforgettable memory that you will see yourself thinking back on long after you graduate.

So what is a Bucket List and why do you need one, you might ask? A bucket list is basically a written or typed list of goals you want to accomplish throughout your entire life before you “kick the bucket” (in other words, before you leave this world). Think of your Bucket List as a “Living List” as it motivates you to live your life, engage with the world around you and experience new things. It ultimately makes your life more meaningful because you’re driven to pursue those dreams, goals and desires you’ve set for yourself. Creating a Bucket List in high school gives you purpose to create as many memories as you can before you graduate, and it inspires you to work hard for your future.

Your bucket list can have anything you want, and don’t think that you have to achieve all of these goals by the time you graduate high school. You have the rest of your life to achieve them!  But if you have successfully accomplished your entire bucket list, job well done! You can start another one with new dreams.

If you’re lacking some inspiration on how to start your bucket list, you’re in luck because we’ve got the ultimate high school bucket list with 100 goals you can add to your own!



  1. Watch the top high school movies of all time including (but not limited to):
    • The contemporary’s:
      High School Musical 1, 2 and 3; The Perks Of Being A Wallflower; 17 Again; She’s The Man; Bring It On; A Walk To Remember; John Tucker Must Die; Mean Girls; Easy A; Superbad; The Duff; Camp Rock; and Napoleon Dynamite

    • The classics:
      Back To The Future Trilogy; The Breakfast Club; 10 Things I Hate About You; Clueless; Sixteen Candles; Grease; Pretty In Pink; Heathers; Dazed and Confused; and Say Anything…

  2. Watch “The Bucket List” movie
  3. Confess your feelings to your crush

  4. Conduct your own or be part of a prank

  5. Fail something and learn from it

  6. Have an epic water balloon fight

  7. Get your drivers license

  8. Have a food fight

  9. Ask your crush to your formal

  10. Attend a concert of your favourite musician

  11. Complete a food challenge or create your own

  12. Gather your friends for a movie or TV show marathon sleepover

  13. Watch the sunrise on the beach with your best friends

  14. Visit a waterfall

  15. Write appreciation letters or give a present to your favourite teachers before you graduate

  16. Host or attend a graduation party

  17. Host or attend a formal after party

  18. Play hide and seek in Ikea

  19. Get a risky haircut

  20. Apply and get accepted into your dream university

  21. Apply for a student leadership position

  22. Have a selfie with all of your teachers

  23. Make a graduation video

  24. Create a time capsule and fill it with mementos to open in 10 years 

  25. Write a letter to your future self and read it in 10 years

  26. Jump into a pool fully clothed

  27. Pull an all nighter

  28. Make a youtube video

  29. Make a music video

  30. Build a giant sand castle

  31. Solve a rubik’s cube

  32. Carve your name into a tree

  33. Try messy twister

  34. Get all students and teachers to sign your yearbook 

  35. Start your own blog

  36. Discover what you’re passionate about pursuing after you graduate

  37. Make amends with people and burry the hatchet

  38. Go paint-balling

  39. Send a message in the bottle and let it go in the ocean

  40. Apply for a job

  41.  Make a high school scrap book

  42. Make summer plans with your friends

  43. Laugh until you cry

  44. Take a group jumping shot

  45. Have an 18th birthday party

  46. Throw a surprise party

  47. Get a tattoo

  48. Buy your first car

  49. Help a complete stranger for the good

  50.  Leave an inspiring note on public transport for a stranger to find

  51. Attend an outdoor cinema

  52. Have a first kiss

  53. Have the perfect first date

  54. Have a picnic somewhere beautiful

  55. Go on a spontaneous road trip

  56. Trek through a rainforest

  57. Volunteer somewhere

  58. Belt out a tune at a karaoke bar

  59. Write and post a letter to someone

  60. Sing songs around a campfire

  61. Learn a different language

  62. Go snorkelling

  63. Go on a canopy tour

  64. Be part of a flash mob

  65. Save up money for a trip around the world

  66. Watch a movie at the drive in

  67. Participate in a protest for something you believe in

  68. Donate blood

  69. Dance in the rain

  70. Spend a day dedicated to random acts of kindness

  71. Make a snow angel

  72. Star gaze with a telescope

  73. Witness a miracle

  74. Go skydiving

  75. Swim with a dolphin

  76. Make a new friend

  77. Go clubbing

  78. Go camping in your backyard

  79. Grow out your hair

  80. Attend a Broadway show

  81. Fly a kite

  82. Go hiking and overlook something beautiful
  83. Go horseback riding

  84. Go tree surfing 

  85. Learn how to surf and paddle board
  86. Get lost in a maze

  87. Practice yoga and meditation

  88. Go backpacking

  89. Build a pillow and blanket fort

  90. Get an A+ in any subject

  91. Visit the 7 wonders of the world
  92. Attend a midnight screening

  93. Take up a sport
  94. Go for a midnight swim

  95. Experience the Northern Lights

  96. Learn a musical instrument
  97. Document all experiences with photos, videos and journal entries

  98. Cross off everything on this bucket list and have no regrets

  99. Pass it on to someone else
  100. Become the best person you can be


So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start living your life! Make your high school experience the most memorable and meaningful  milestones of your life. You deserve to live your life to its fullest potential, so make the most of it!