Okay okay so Disney Descendants, a Disney Channel original movie has been getting a fair bit of hype lately – well according to my facebook feed anyway. Disney Descendants 2 is coming out very soon and Disney is very excited about it. So being a Disney fan and not appreciating being left out of all the fuss I decided to watch it and come up with some awesome Disney Descendants jersey nickname ideas! Should probs go watch the movie first though.

Sigh the things I do for blogging! Hahaha… ok so in summary in the original fairy-tales the good guys won and the bad guys lost and got sent to the Isle of the Lost. Now the kiddies of the bad guys want to come and live in the nice part of the enchanted forest/fairy-tale land thingy (officially called the United States of Auradon) … lots of singing… and choreographed dancing – and the kiddies turn good yay! Oooo funny thing I noticed their ‘Belle’ actually plays the Blue Fairy in Once Upon a Time! Yay OUAT! Also Booboo Stuart from Twilight is in it – Leah’s little brother, was in Jacob’s pack.

Pick your favourite characters:

  • Cruella Deville
  • Carlos – Cruella’s son
  • Maleficent
  • Mal – Maleficent’s daughter
  • Jafar
  • Jay – Jafar’s son
  • The Evil Queen
  • Evie – Evil Queen’s daughter
  • Belle
  • Beast/Prince Adam
  • Prince Benjamin – Belle and Beast’s son
  • Princess Audrey – Sleeping Beauty’s daughter, she sucks
  • Doug – Dopey’s son, has crush on Evie
  • Prince Chad/Charming Junior – Cinderella’s son
  • Fairy Godmother – Headmistress of the school
  • Jane – Fairy Godmother’s daughter

Nicknames that come from the songs:

  • Mirror Mirror
  • #Rotten
  • Rotten to the core!
  • #Wicked
  • #Unique
  • #Misfit
  • #Freak
  • #Badest of them all
  • #Ridiculous – Prince Ben’s love song, also the state of the movie… it is growing on me though


  • Auradon Prep – if Hogwarts fails then I am going here when I grow up
  • #Magic
  • Good Vs Evil
  • #Evil
  • #Princess
  • #Prince
  • #King
  • #Queen

Soooo finally got to the end – damn it Disney! I’m hooked! Love it! Now I wanna see the second one! Yay! Order your Auradon Prep … I mean year 12 jerseys here!